The national institute of health defines it as “health outcomes for a group of individuals and the distribution of the health outcomes among the individuals in the group”. This is a broad definition. Reliance Community Care Partners focus is on identification of individuals, development of an individualized plan with the individual and partnering together using interventions to remove barriers to health.

Social determinants play a significant role in the health of the population. Our program success comes from the behavioral and physical health integration. We can all make healthy choices when the barriers and obstacles have been removed.

Our model is flexible and scalable to any setting or mode of communication. We have experience working with health plans, hospitals, physician offices, wellness centers and State programs to deliver population health. We have expanded our case management programs to include population health and work one on one with our clients and their support system to provide education and assistance with removing barriers to health, welfare and safety.    

For more information, send us an email at: Info@relianceccp.org.